Crazy Statistics from Philadelphia Eagles First Super Bowl Win

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Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018
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Our Philadelphia Eagles are World Champions!!


That’s a phrase that thousands of fans never thought they’d be able to say in their lifetimes (myself included)! After decades of ‘so close’, ‘not quite’, ‘there’s always next year’, and ‘OH HELL NOOOOOOO’ (which I may or may not have screamed when Brady threw the final hail Mary pass of the game); we can now officially exclaim, ‘WE WON’!  As the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News read the next morning, 'WON FOR THE AGES'! Man was it ever!

There's no doubt that Eagles fans — and the city of Philadelphia — will never be the same. The Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII, toppling a great dynasty and the best quarterback ever, to become improbable champions. Our underdogs with backup quarterback Nick Foles beat the best to become the best! Foles even became the first Super Bowl quarterback, on a perfectly-executed trick play, to catch a touchdown pass, finally bringing the Eagles 57-year dreadful championship drought to a long-awaited end. What made the trick touchdown all the sweeter, is knowing that losing quarterback Tom Brady tried a similar trick play earlier in the game and dropped the ball! I’m sure he’ll claim that the ball was over inflated.

And we have Carson Wentz to thank for getting us far enough into this season for Foles to bring it home! From Wentz we came. In Foles we trusted. So on this first blog of our brand new website that went live just two days after this historic victory, we could think of no more appropriate subject matter.

Anyone who’s been around Philadelphia for any period of time knows how passionate our fans are about our professional sports teams. We are (proudly) the city that other team fans hate to visit. We wear that title as a badge of honor! Of course they always cite the ‘throwing snowballs at Santa Claus’ incident! Listen... that happened in 1968 and he deserved it! And it’s not like he was the real Santa Claus. Get over it already!

Today we have a new badge of honor to wear. The title of ‘World Champions’! Philly Philly!

After Philadelphia adapted the ‘Philly Philly’ phrase from a popular (and annoying) Bud Light commercial that says, ‘Dilly Dilly’; Bud Light is making good on a promise to buy beer for everyone of legal drinking age along the Philadelphia parade route! Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson told an ESPN reporter, “If we win a Super Bowl, I’m giving out beer to everybody.”  Then Bud Light tweeted to Lane, “Let’s make a bet. Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?”

Lesson #65: Never challenge an NFL offensive linemen to a contest that involves FREE BEER! Game on!

Gilbertsvilles Best Hot Wings

As Gilbertsville’s favorite sports bar and party place, we couldn’t be happier! Obviously serving from our 21 beers on tap and 35 bottled beer selections, serving the area’s best hot wings and pub grub, plus showing sports on 20+ TVs, are all services that we love to provide! We would argue, however, that with all of the great craft beer breweries in the greater Philadelphia region, there are tastier choices to be given away at the parade. Maybe a local brewery will step up and give the Eagles parade-beer giveaway some local Philly pride.

Nonetheless, sports bars across this corner of the country - and most certainly our own – were absolutely packed with diehard sports fans and rockin’ during and after the historic game. Many of the most popular bars in the city sold out their Super Bowl watch parties, some with $100 price tags (ours was free, as always). Gallons of beer and tons of hot wings met their demise that Sunday night, to the thrill of patrons who will never forget that moment in their lives. 

In fact, it’s estimated that Americans gorged on 1.35 BILLION chicken wings, 28 Million pounds of chips, and 8 Million pounds of guacamole during Super Bowl 2018! To put that in perspective, 1.35 Billion chicken wings laid end to end would wrap around the entire earth three times. It's also enough chicken to put 625 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums in the country. Or, for those looking for a super literal comparison, that’s 394 million feet of chicken wings. So, basically, it's a lot of chicken!

Gilbertsville's Best Beer Selection

By all accounts the Super Bowl generates some of the year’s biggest beer sales as well. Data from Nielsen indicates that the two-week period prior to the Super Bowl generates sales of nearly 50 million cases of beer nationwide. That’s lower than the sales before Labor Day and Fourth of July, but it’s certainly one of the biggest beer-bingeing periods of the year. And that’s a lot of beer!

Many people were depressed when Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil, only two days prior to the big game, saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.  But the Eagles brought the emotional sunshine back to the region and it won’t be going away anytime soon! Our fans who are passionate about our teams, even thru the winless droughts, can now be passionate about celebrating our World Champion Eagles! Philly Philly!

Gilbertsville's Hottest Sports Bar 


  1. Tom Brady is the first quarterback in NFL history to LOSE a game with:  500-plus passing yards . . . three or more touchdowns . . . and zero interceptions. And that's for both the regular season and playoffs. 
  2. Brady and Rob Gronkowski have connected for 12 postseason touchdowns, including two last night.  That ties Joe Montana and Jerry Rice for the most by a quarterback / wide receiver duo in NFL history. 
  3. In Super Bowl 52, the Patriots allowed 41 points and 538 total yards . . . more than any Patriots playoff game under Bill Belichick.
  4. Nick Foles is the first player in NFL history to throw AND CATCH a touchdown in the Super Bowl.  Meanwhile, Danny Amendola's pass attempt to Brady was just the third time Brady has EVER been targeted as a receiver, and the first time it failed.  He caught the previous two for a total of 59 receiving yards. 
  5. New England kicker Stephen Gostkowski's 26-yard miss is tied for the third-shortest missed field goal in Super Bowl history.  Mike Cofer missed a 19-yard kick for San Francisco in Super Bowl 23, and Rich Karlis missed a 23-yard kick for Denver in Super Bowl 21. 
  6. The Patriots got a field goal in the first quarter to tie the game at three.  That was the first time they'd scored in the first quarter of a Super Bowl in the Brady / Belichick era.  Now, the Patriots have been outscored 24-3 in the first quarters of Super Bowls since 2001. 
  7. Yesterday's game was the 50th straight game that Brady was favored to win, dating back to 2015.  The only quarterback with a longer streak was Kurt Warner, who was favored in 55 straight games from 1999 to 2003.
  8. This was the Eagles first Super Bowl win, and so now Philadelphia joins New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles as the only cities with a team to win the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl, and an NBA title. 
  9. The Patriots didn't get back-to-back Super Bowl wins . . . but two FORMER Patriots did.  LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long won last year with New England, and this year with Philly. 
  10. Brady won the regular season MVP this year . . . and he lost the Super Bowl.  Eight other MVPs have reached the Super Bowl since 2001, and like Brady, ALL of them went on to lose the Super Bowl.
  11.  17 new Super Bowl records were set last night . . . including three kicking-related ones.  The Patriots are the first team to play a Super Bowl without punting, and the lone punt by the Eagles means that this game had the fewest punts overall of any Super Bowl.

    There were also FOUR missed point-after-touchdown attempts, which is a new record.  Both teams missed an extra point kick . . . and the Eagles failed on two, two-point conversions. 
  12. The Patriots have just tied the record for most Super Bowl losses.  This was New England's fifth loss.  The Denver Broncos also have five losses, but no team has more.


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